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Little Pictures (2015-06-19)

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Common Cents: 1972 D (2015-07-06)

On The James (2015-07-08)

Woman at a Window (after Degas) (2015-07-15)

Woman at "Doors, Ponte City" (2015-07-22)

Woman at an Escalator (2015-07-29)

Much Loved, Much Missed (2015-08-10)

Icarus (2015-08-12)

Moving (2015-08-21)

Windowpainters (2015-09-09)

Industry (2015-09-11)

Past Lives: Clyde Doley's Notebook (2015-09-14)

Distraction (2015-09-18)

Train (2015-09-21)

Train Ride, August 24 (2015-09-23)

Foreign Climes, August (2015-09-25)

Train Ride, August 27 (2015-09-28)

Order (2015-09-30)

Chaos (2015-10-02)

Art Appreciation (2015-10-05)

Of A Kind (2015-10-07)

Of A Kind (2015-10-09)

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James by Brad (2015-09-16)

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