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Week 8

Stay Limp!


Limp Records poster copyright James Sinks

James Sinks

Sight and Fury


To be born again into sight and fury was a thing for which I would give my soul. Even for an hour, with a blade in my hand, to duel once again with my brother.

Corwin of Amber

James Sinks

The Peripatetic School


One day when there was snow on the ground, we went for a walk at Mason Neck. It was monochromatic—grey sky, black trees, white snow.

The wind tore through our clothes.

Shivering, she asked, "Why are we here?"

"We were born," I answered, not in the mood for another pointless argument.

She nodded, breathing frost, and we walked on.

Untitled (excerpt), 2004

James Sinks

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