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Brad Knetl's urn copyright James Sinks

Then it was the hour that brings longing again
to melt the hearts of those out on the sea
the day they have to say goodbye to their dear friends

And when love stabs the pilgrim who hears
far off in the distance a bell ringing
as though mourning the day that is dying

Dante, Purgatorio, Canto vii, trans. Merwin

James Sinks

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Full Disclosure

I have an Amazon affiliate account and I do put Amazon affiliate links in my posts when appropriate. If you buy something through one of those links (not necessarily the linked product), I get a small commission at no cost to yourself. I disclose my affiliate status on every page with affiliate links and virtually every other page as well. Disclosure matters.

I do not have affiliate accounts with any other businesses.

Sometimes I recommend products. I do so because I bought them and found them useful (or because I've rented them or borrowed them from a library), not because I got a freebie from the company or a PR firm hired me to shill for them.