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The Peripatetic School


One day when there was snow on the ground, we went for a walk at Mason Neck. It was monochromatic—grey sky, black trees, white snow.

The wind tore through our clothes.

Shivering, she asked, "Why are we here?"

"We were born," I answered, not in the mood for another pointless argument.

She nodded, breathing frost, and we walked on.

Untitled (excerpt), 2004

James Sinks

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Full Disclosure

I have an Amazon affiliate account and I do put Amazon affiliate links in my posts when appropriate. If you buy something through one of those links (not necessarily the linked product), I get a small commission at no cost to yourself. I disclose my affiliate status on every page with affiliate links and virtually every other page as well. Disclosure matters.

I do not have affiliate accounts with any other businesses.

Sometimes I recommend products. I do so because I bought them and found them useful (or because I've rented them or borrowed them from a library), not because I got a freebie from the company or a PR firm hired me to shill for them.